Personalized Treatment Plans

Initial appointments are generally two hours long and include a comprehensive review of your health history and labs and a physical exam. An initial treatment plan will be developed tailored to your needs and goals. Your initial fee of $650 will be due prior to your appointment being confirmed.

Fee for Service

We are a cash practice and are not on any insurance plans. We will be partnering with like-minded physicians who do take insurance or have different practice models so stay-tuned!


'Dr. Miller turned my health around. I don't know what would have happened to me if she hadn't helped me.' - C.P.

Other treatment offerings

Dr. Miller incorporates complimentary treatments where appropriate, including IV treatments, detox foot baths, infrared Biomat treatment and nutrient injections.


A new location in Sugar Hill - I will have limited availability on Thursday afternoons. Please call if you would like to be seen at this location on a Thursday afternoon.


Dr. Miller is willing to look at recent labs ordered by your Primary Care Physician - they should be within the last 3 months for most labs to be relevant. 

Also, some labs we order do accept insurance. If you wish to use your insurance for those labs you will be able to do so.